Potter smiles at Chelsea best week.

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter says this has been a great week for the team. After defeating Wolves 3-0, while back in the middle of the week. They thumped AC Milan 3-0 in the Champions League as well.

“It’s exciting. It’s been a strong week. It’s not easy to kick on Wednesday and come on Saturday. Credit to the players It’s a strong form. especially in the first half We had some symptoms in the second half. But overall we deserve to win.”

“I picked the right team to try to win. Its program is tight, so there is not much time to rest. We have to try to choose the best team to give us the opportunity to perform well.” UFABET

When asked about the difference between being at Chelsea and Brighton, Potter said: “There is more media. more interest in the club Different games, we played two games in the Champions League. The first game was surreal. You don’t really know the players. And you have to prepare for the Champions League game. It’s still football. There are still ambitious players in the team. So far I’m enjoying it a lot.”

“Premier League players want to play every week. You can choose 11 people and you have 20 players in a team, so it’s definitely a disappointment. How you respond to that as a group is very important. that’s my job All you can do is communicate honestly. It was my decision to choose a team.”

“The weeks that have just passed have been amazing. The player’s attitude is very good. Their effort in what we are trying to do is very good. They are a good team to work with.”

“It was a happy afternoon. (local time)”