Harry Kane pointed out that Spurs worked harder to overthrow Brighton.

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Spurs forward Harry Kane admits his team had to work harder to beat Brighton 1-0. Insisting he was not injured.

“It’s been a tough week. at least for speaking (Due to the death of Spurs fitness coach Gian Piero Ventrone) and it was good to win today.”

“We managed to win. And we know it’s a difficult stadium to come to.” UFABET

“We just recovered. And getting ready for the Champions League game in the middle of the week, I felt good and scored. So hopefully it will continue like this.”

“Yes, I score few goals here. It’s a tough field, Brighton are a very good team. And we have to work hard to win.”

“We responded back from the losing game in the North London derby. And we can do it even if it’s not in the best form.

“We just have to play game by game. We have the Champions League game on Wednesday.”

Asked about the injury before being substituted off the pitch, Harry Kane said: “The ankle is ok, nothing twisted, so I’m pretty sure it’s okay.”

Tottenham Hotspur returned to winning ways as they clinched three points over Brighton 1-0 from a 22nd-minute header from Harry Kane in a well-performed home game. Pressure on Antonio Conte’s team to have a chance to equalize continuously. Finishing this match, Spurs moved up to 20 points, sticking to 3rd place. Sticky.