Daniel Alves is back in rehabilitation training with Barcelona.

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Daniel Alves is back training at Barcelona to rehabilitate after the Brazilian back injured his right knee. Pumas’ right-back Daniel Alves the 39 year old is training at Barcelona’s former club Ciutat Espatiba complex to rehabilitate. After a knee injury before As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Saturday. 

Alves became a club legend after his career with Barcelona from 2008 to 2016 and was a huge success. Before the Brazilian full-back returned to the Camp Nou in November last year on a short-term contract. He parted ways with Azul Grana at the end of last season and signed a deal with Mexican club Pumas. Where he made 12 appearances and four assists before suffering a right knee injury and he traveled to training. Rehabilitation training in Barcelona UFABET

The 39-year-old posted a picture of himself training at the Ciutat Espotiba Complex with a message on Instagram: ‘Thank you to this house for always opening the door for me no matter what! The great, when challenged will never back down. They will fight until the last moment of their existence.’

2022 World Cup

“My goal is always short-term, my main goal is to return to Barca. Now it’s true The World Cup is another path. And I missed last time from injury. I will work hard to get it right there. I know it depends on how well I play here.”