Borussia Dortmund shows up to follow 2, chasing down Bayern Munich 2-2.

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Borussia Dortmund showed great energy as they equalized 2-2 against Bayern Munich despite being two goals behind, with the draw coming in stoppage time from Anthony Modast. While South Tiger’s Kingsley Coman was sent off before conceding a football goal.

German Bundesliga Football

Dortmund 2 – Bayern Munich 2

Stadium: Signal-Iduna-Park

Open the game in the first period, both have no chance to finish the score until the 30th minute, as the host who got the chance to win first from the moment that Youssoufa Mugco sent the ball to Rafael Guerreiro who inserted Came to shoot with the left, but Neuer still saved the Tigers. 

But after just 3 minutes, it was Bayern who took the lead first when Jamal Musiala got the ball on the left side of the box. Before sending it back to Leon Goretzka. Dressed to the right and shot, broken the ball through the hand. Alexander Meyer goes in UFABET

Later in the 36th minute, the Yellow Tigers had a chance to return some when Julian Brandt stabbed the ball through the channel for Don Yell to play. Dropped into the shot with the right, but still did not pass Neuer’s hand anyway. 

At half time, Bayern Munich lead Borussia Dortmund 1-0. 

Returning to the game in the second half of the 53rd minute. The Tigers escaped 2-0 from the moment that Leroy Sane hooked the ball in front of the penalty area before striking with the left. Alexander Mayer will swipe, but the ball is too strong to go into the goal. 

After 64 minutes, the visiting team had another chance from the moment Sane passed the ball to Musiala who pressed with the right but this half, Meyer still saved Dortmund. 

Until the 74th minute, from the moment that the substitute Anthony Modast came up on the left side before dressing the ball and paid for Youssoufa Mugaco, ran and pressed with the left through Neuer’s hand. 

After 90 minutes, Bayern had to come down to 10 players after Kingsley Coman plugged in Karim Adejemi, causing the referee to draw a second remaining red card to kick him off the field.

Only, not enough, 90+5 minutes. The Yellow Tigers came to equalize 2-2 from the stroke of Nico Schlotterbeck. Went to get the ball to the end of the line before throwing it at the second post for Anthony Modast to strike the open air into the goal. And finish the game with the aforementioned score.